The opinion of your customers and consumers counts

Increase your chances of success by conducting market validation and benefit from the guidance of our experts through a customised action plan.

Ffeedback’s services


Understanding your customers and consumers

  • What type of relationship do you want with your customers and consumers?
  • What is your customer journey? Is it the best it can be at every stage?
  • Are you managing to create a feeling of loyalty?
  • How do you improve your customer experience?
  • Who are your main consumers?

Our team will help you to understand your usersthe way they behavetheir characteristics. Let’s work together to define and rework your customer profiles to create new personas with high added-value and define your strategy for delivering innovation.

Challenge your visual identity

  • What makes your business and its products/services unique?
  • How does your target audience perceive your corporate brand?
  • How do you build a strong brand image that will enable you to position yourself in your business sector?
  • How do you develop your current branding to conquer new markets?

Working with one of our branding partners or your communication agency, our experts in marketing and innovation will assist you at the upstream stage of your project, guiding you in the creation of your brand identity or positioning. We will also help you downstream by analysing your reputation and people’s perception and awareness of you.


The product or service concept for your target audience

  • Does your idea for a product or service please people?
  • Does your concept meet the needs and expectations of your target audience?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • At what price and with what packaging should you launch your product or service?

We will guide you at each stage of the lifecycle of your project by conducting various concept validation tests, from the very first idea right through to launching it on the market.


More effective communication and advertising

  • What’s the message your company wants to get across?
  • How is the way you communicate perceived by your users? Positively? Negatively? Neither one nor the other?
  • How can you harmonise your message and communication methods to meet the expectations of your users?

Ffeedback will assist you in optimising and implementing your marketing strategy by analysing the effectiveness of your communication with your target audience, as well as by benchmarking or testing your advertising concepts.