About Ffeedback

Who are we?

Powered by the dynamics behind clusters of competitiveness, Ffeedback is a team of marketing and innovation specialists. We help guide businesses as they launch or add value to their projects, both in Belgium and internationally. We also benefit from the expertise of a partner agency in Canada.

Over the years, we have developed expertise in conducting market studies and creating customised action plans based on the results of those studies. We can also bring our network of business and technology skills into play at any time to enhance your project or assist you in implementing your action plan.

The name Ffeedback reflects our DNA:

  • The first “F” is all about being “fast” and demonstrates our desire to provide a service that is both rapid and reliable.
  • And the name as a whole illustrates our core business: listening closely to feedback and opinions from your customers and consumers.

Our mission

Our team is there to help guarantee the success of your projects and achieve the goals you have set yourself.

And while the areas in which we can help you depend on your requirements, our aim is always the same: to enable you to better understand your customers and prospects – and in doing so to optimise the way your business performs.

Our values

Listening to your needs and those of your customers, we advocate a set of values that define the very spirit of Ffeedback.